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Jessica Houston, a Johns Hopkins trained nutritionist, is on a mission to bring you access to the world’s leading experts, so you can have clear guidance on what proper nutrition actually means. She dives into the latest evidence on mental and physical well-being with wellness warriors across the globe AND gives you the stories behind their work. Jessica is bringing this to you so you can get a deeper understanding of what wellness should actually look like and how those elements drive healthspan.

Welcome to the Vitamin & Me Podcast!

vitamin & me podcast Jessica houston

Meet Jessica

Jessica Houston, host of the Vitamin & Me podcast, is an award-winning, Johns Hopkins-trained nutritionist, creator of EatClean30 and founder of the vitamin matching company by the same name, Vitamin & Me. She is deconstructing the health space and bringing you access and clear guidance straight from the world’s leading experts on strategies to increase healthspan, mental and physical wellbeing through a deeper understanding of nutrition, fitness and wellness.







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