Immune Boost Packs: Vital Proteins Vitality

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  • Supports Immune Health
  • Contains Electrolytes for Hydration
  • Supports Immune Defense with Immunobiotics
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Supplement Description

Our NEW Vital Proteins Vitality™ Immune Boost stick packs are here to keep you at 100%

Our one-of-a-kind blend combines collagen, L-glutamine, vitamin C, zinc, and electrolytes with Wellmune®* and Immuno-LP20®, two clinically-proven ingredients that help boost your immune system.**

Whether you’re looking for a proactive immune boost or just a little extra immune support for when you’re having an off day, this supplement to help boost the immune system was created so you can conveniently incorporate these on-the-go stick packs into your daily wellness routine.

  • 5g Collagen Peptides Per Serving: Grass fed and pasture raised
  • Cutting-Edge, Clinically-Proven ingredients: Wellmune®* and Immuno-LP20® help support the immune system**
  • 2g L-Glutamine: An amino acid that plays an important role in the function of the immune system. It helps synthesize glutathione – the body’s master antioxidant**
  • 1000% DV Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C supports collagen production and boosts the immune system**
  • 200% DV Zinc: Available as zinc citrate, this easily-absorbable essential mineral can help promote the production of T-cells, important cells that work as leading regulators of the immune response**
  • Electrolytes For Hydration: Sourced from Himalayan pink sea salt, magnesium, sodium and potassium are electrolytes that help boost hydration and support the immune system**
  • Aligns With Dietary Preferences: Gluten free, soy free and no added sugars
  • Easy To Use: Just pour, mix and stir to put your best sip forward

Supplement Facts

Amount Per Serving
Calories … 35
Total Carbohydrate … 3g
Protein … 5g
Vitamin A … 900mcg RAE
(as retinyl palmitate)
Vitamin C … 1,000mg
(as ascorbic acid)
Vitamin D … 20mcg
(as cholecalciferol)
Niacin … 8mg NE
(as niacinamide)
Vitamin B6 … 1.7mg
(as pyridoxine HCI)
Vitamin B12 … 4.8mcg
(as cyanocobalamin)
Calcium … 120mg
Magnesium … 50mg
(as magnesium carbonate)
Zinc … 22mg
(as zinc citrate)
Sodium … 80mg
Potassium … 740mg
Collagen Peptides … 5g
(from bovine)
L-Glutamine … 2g
L-Arginine … 500mg
Wellmune (R) Baker’s Yeast Beta Glucan … 250mg
(from saccharomyces cerevisiae)
L-Tryptophan … 50mg
Immuno-LP20® … 50mg
(heat-killed Lactobacillus plantarum strain L-137)

Other Ingredients

Natural Flavors, potassium citrate, citric acid, red mineral algae (calcium), potassium chloride, malic acid, Himalayan pink sea salt, monk fruit extract, beta-carotene (for color)

Serving Size: 1 stick

Servings per Box: 14

Suggested Use

Combine 1 packet with 16 fl. oz. cold or warm water, mix thoroughly.


Available in convenient stick packs, this supplement that helps boost the immune system** can easily be taken daily, at any time of day.

Contains milk

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