35+ Mom & Baby™ Pre-& Postnatal Multivitamin Bundle

$59.99 every 2 months

RL 35+ Mom & Baby Pre and Postnatal Multivitamin

Our complete multivitamin delivers scientifically-based potencies, nourishing superfoods, and a digestion-enhancing blend in just one tablet per day.

  • Made with natural, purity-tested ingredients
  • NO artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners
  • Free of gluten, wheat, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish
$59.99 every 2 months

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Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA × 2

Derived from sustainable microalgae, this vegan Prenatal DHA formula helps support mothers before, during, and after pregnancy.

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Subscription includes:

35+ Mom & Baby™ Pre-& Postnatal Multivitamin and optional Vegan Prenatal DHA.
A highly recommended pairing 35+ Mom & Baby™ Pre-& Postnatal Multivitamin with Vegan Prenatal DHA. 

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