Season 1, Episode 6

The Art of Spices

for Health

Dr. Kanchan Koya is a Harvard-trained molecular biologist and author of Spice Spice Baby. She’s one of the world’s leading experts on utilizing the art of spices for health. Kanchan combines the ancient wisdom of the Aryuvedic medical system with modern science using items straight from your pantry that will spice up your health. This episode is packed with practical tips to help you incorporate spices in everyday dishes that will help improve inflammation, gut health, skin health, the microbiome and mood.

I first learned of Kanchan’s work through instagram and loved her easy approach to spicing up her recipes. So when we were introduced through a mutual friend, I was excited to connect.  Both of us saw our career’s change in a positive way after becoming a mother, like so many women. She’s as fun as she is brilliant. And she’s here today to bring you all the things spice, baby.


The Art of Spice for Health

“I think it’s so important to think about gut health here. I’ll go back to Ayruveda, the ancient medical system. 5000 years ago, literally, there is a sentence in the Ayruvedic text that says, All disease begins in the gut.”

Dr. Kanchan Koya

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