Season 2, Episode 7

Social & Emotional Development in Kids

with Pediatric Expert, Dr. Michael Middleton

Substantial research from Harvard scientists has shown that children who implement appropriate social and emotional wellness strategies early in life have higher emotional intelligence, more successful careers and live longer, happier and healthier lives.

So how do they build those skills? Nurturing social and emotional development in children starts in the home – teaching skills like meditation and simply eating together around the dinner table. But parents can’t do it alone. Evidence shows that play-based experience with other kids, guidance from adults outside their immediate family and opportunities to fail are all critical steps in building resilence and emotional intelligence.

Dr. Michael Middleton, pediatric expert and founder of Middleton Pediatrics, chats with us about ways to help our kids develop these crucial skills they will carry with them throughout their lives.

 Nurturing Social & Emotional Development In Kids

“I feel like what kids need is home to be this safe, stable place where they can count on it to be a certain way. So rhythyms, emotionally stable parents. And then they need, outside of the home, the freedom to fail and to learn and to not have a ton of parent involvement.”

Dr. Michael Middleton

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