Season 1, Episode 2

Saving Lives Millions at a Time

Dr. Al Sommer, recipient of the Albert Lasker award, Dean Emeritus of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and pioneer of the Vitamin A research that continues to save the sight and lives of nearly half a million women and children across the world each year, takes us through his journey of discovery, resisitance, and success in achieving one of the greatest medical advancements of all time.

I met Dr. Sommer while a student at Hopkins and was inspired by his work.  He’s here today to tell you the story behind the work that saves so many lives. We talk Covid, how his research has driven the response to several pandemics, and the data presented at the Rockerfeller retreat in Bellagio, Italy that convinced global leaders of the positive impacts of oral Vitamin A delivery.


“Pasteur famously said, and I love to quote, Chance favors the prepared mind.” Lots of these things are chance observations, but you have to have a prepared mind.”

“I mean either we’re going to prove we got it wrong or we got it right. But,you know, we gotta keep it up.”

Dr. Al Sommer

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Jessica Houston

Dr. Alfred Sommer


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