How should I prepare my body for pregnancy, even though I’m not actively trying yet? We get this question a lot, and we love it! We know that the health of the mother prior to conception is associated with outcomes for both the mom and baby. Our team at Vitamin & Me have your back, so let’s dive in with the experts!When we are young, having a baby might not be the first thing on our minds. During this time in our lives, we may throw caution to the wind when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. As we get a bit older, we may settle down and start thinking about having a baby. This is a time in our lives when being healthy is very important. While some of us may be lucky enough to have maintained a proper diet and exercise routine, others may not be as healthy and may need time to prepare for their pregnancy. No matter what situation you might find yourself in, there are a few things you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Healthy Moms Magazine recommends the following:

  • Get a Check Up: A doctor will be able to tell you if you are ready for pregnancy. He will recommend things you need to do to get ready for pregnancy if this is not the case.
  • Lose Weight: Being overweight can cause health problems for you and your child including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Get your weight down before becoming pregnant by eating the right foods and exercising regularly. These are great lifestyle practices that you can pass down to your children.
  • Quit Smoking and Drinking: Smoking is bad for your health and your child’s health. If you smoke, it may be best not to get pregnant at all but, if you are a smoker and really want a child, quit as soon as possible. Alcohol should also be consumed in moderation and avoided when pregnant.
  • Start Early: Although circumstances may not always be on your side, it is best to start trying to have a baby when you are young. As you get older, your chances of conceiving will decrease with fertility dropping in your 30’s and even more so once you hit your 40s.

Other Ways to Prepare for Pregnancy

While these are all great ways to prepare your body for pregnancy, some women may still struggle. Luckily, there are other ways to increase fertility. While hormone therapy is one of these methods, this can be expensive for many couples and lead to unpleasant side effects.

Essential oils are an inexpensive natural alternative. recommends some that may be effective in increasing fertility.

Lavender : This essential oil calms the mind and balances emotional state. It also works to balance the endocrine system and regulate the menstrual cycle putting your body in the best possible state for conception.

Geranium Oil : Like lavender, geranium oil also provides relief from stress while balancing hormones and regulating your menstrual cycle.

Yarrow : Yarrow’s detoxifying abilities help to clear up pelvic congestion and prevent inflammation. It also helps to support the digestive and urinary tracts.

Rose Otto : The essential oil works to relax the uterus and regulate the menstrual cycle. It also has a libido enhancing effect and increases the production of cervical mucus. Note: Once you become pregnant, it is best to discontinue use of this oil.

Clary Sage : This oil helps your body to regulate hormones naturally. It influences estrogen levels and works as a libido booster. It can also treat hormonal imbalances in men working to increase male fertility.

Fennel : Fennel has been long known as being beneficial to the female reproductive system. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and provides relief to those suffering with painful periods.

Ylang Ylang : This essential oil is good for stimulating the reproductive organs and balancing hormones.

Vetiver : Recommended for aiding male fertility, vetiver can relieve stress and anger that can impact fertility while acting as an aphrodisiac.

If you are looking to add essential oils into your lifestyle, Plant Therapy is a wonderful option. Make sure that the essential oil brand you choose is reputable and safe. If you are at the stage of your life when you are thinking of having a child, it is important to get in the best shape possible to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. If you have done all you can to get healthy, and are still having trouble conceiving, essential oils could help to naturally increase your fertility. Here’s wishing you the best on your journey to starting a family.

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We will continue to talk about ways to prepare your body for pregnancy, so make sure to check back for more great updates!

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