Season 1, Episode 7


Mental Wellness

& Covid Fatigue

Dr. David Buxton is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and one of the only physicians in the world to be triple boarded in child psychiatry, adult psychiatry and palliative care. His expertise blends the foundational support of child development with adult awareness so that we, as mothers, can support ourselves and our families well, especially during Covid times – when women have been asked to make big decisions on all fronts daily without data to guide our options.  This is where David shines.

David and I met years ago, so I’m excited to bring his expertise to you.  He’s here today to give you practical steps to implement at home as Covid continues to significantly impact everyone around the world. This episode is packed with expert tips on how to cope with covid fatigue and incorporate simple habits on the daily that will support your maternal mental wellness.


Maternal Mental Wellness Expert talks Covid Fatigue

“Even though that feels like the exact opposite of what you want to do, it’s just so important.”

Dr. David Buxton

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Jessica Houston

Dr. David Buxton


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