Season 1, Episode 11

Gut Health

Your Mind Body Connection

Dr. Leigh Frame, a Hopkins trained microbiome expert, is a pioneer of her time. The microbiome – gut health – is fundamental to a healthy, happy mind body connection. It is foundational for skin health, immune health, brain health, heart health and keeps inflammation in check.

Leigh is on a mission to change the face of western medicine as we know it, one doctor at a time, by implementing integrative medicine into traditional medical training. And she’s here today to give you all the details on why gut health is so important for you.

Microbiome Expert

“One of the roles (the microbiome) plays is energy capture. They digest things we can’t. Fiber is chief among them. And up to 10% of the calories in your diet is from the digestion that your microbiome is doing. But more importantly than calories is what they are making.”

Dr. Leigh Frame

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Dr. Leigh Frame


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