Season 1, Episode 3

Growing Young

Social Connections & Longevity

Marta Zaraska is a science journalist from the Washington Post, The Atlantic and National Geographic. She has spent her career studying and reporting on health. But, when she became a mother, her perspective shifted. Her work is transforming lives across the globe through kindness, optimism and real social connections.

Marta is here today to talk about her new book, Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism and Kindness can help you live to 100. And she’s bringing this to you to reshape your thinking towards what is really necessary to live a healthy lifeThis episode is packed with evidence-based tips on how simple social habits can help you live longer, better.

“And it’s the same as our mental habits. If you are an optimist, you generally tell your body basically that the lion is not coming, so your body doesn’t have to get stressed. It doesn’t have to prepare for the attack. And all these hormones like cortisol, adrenaline. They don’t have to go up. And all of these downstream negative effects of stress on your body are not happening. And this is how your feelings or your mental habits, whether you worry a lot, whether you are friendly. They are are all connected to how our bodies are functioning.”

Marta Zaraska

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Marta Zaraska


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