The world of all that is ‘mother’ is complicated, in the best way. The joy and love of this role is incomparable, but this road can have its dips as well. Let’s talk about it together!

After nine long months, the baby is finally here. This fragile little person will depend on you for everything. Now it hits you: this is the moment every new mother experiences sheer fear at the thought that this tiny human is going to rely on you 100 percent in their first years of life.

Motherhood is amazing, but it can also be scary. Babies don’t come with instructions, so raising children is a learning experience for most parents. Luckily, we have our parents, friends, and medical professionals to help you out. If you are an expecting or new mother, here are a few things to know.

Your Body Will Change

Carrying a little human for nine months is not easy. Your body has changed a lot during pregnancy, and you will probably experience more bodily changes as you recover after having a baby. Many recent mothers will have heavy periods, vaginal dryness, or difficulty breastfeeding. Know that you are not the only woman who experiences this, and reach out to family members and healthcare professionals if you need assistance.

You May Experience Postpartum Depression

Any mother can develop postpartum depression. Even if you never had depression before, even if your family is supportive, and even if you are excited about becoming a mother, you can still develop postpartum depression. It can be severe or mild and it can come out as anger, sadness or any other strange feeling. Many mothers feel guilty about it, especially if the depression makes them experience negative emotions towards the baby. Not all women develop postpartum depression right after the childbirth; some experience it months after giving birth. If you are experiencing these symptoms, contact a mental health care professional.

You’ll Need To Ask For Help

A mother doesn’t only need help caring for the baby; she needs lots of help in many other areas of life. Even simple tasks like getting groceries and doing laundry can quickly turn into overwhelming tasks when you are severely sleep deprived from taking care of a small human who is always crying. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with, even with simple household tasks which seemed so easy pre-baby!

You’ll Bond With Your Partner

That’s something unexpected, given the fact you rarely have time for your spouse and that you often prefer to sleep instead of having sex. Motherhood changes the way you perceive your relationships, especially those inside the family. Working together as parents can help you connect with your spouse in an entirely new way.

Having a baby is not easy, but it is highly rewarding. You may have some bad days and run into some challenges, but you will never be able to trade the joys of motherhood.

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