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Fig Salad Recipe

We took inspo from the places we’ve lived and cities we’ve visited, from around the world. Inspired by Tuscany, this quick fall dish will hit those immune boosting nutrients. 

Fig Salad Recipe

This fig salad recipe is quick and easy to throw together.

Did you know that figs are in season two times a year? Once in June and again in late August through October.

My husband spent two years in Italy as a child running outside playing around fig trees.  He loves the smell of figs, I think, because it brings him back to his childhood- learning to play soccer in a country that loves it as much as Americans love football.

When we visitied Tuscany last year (pre- covid, when the world was still open), we ate a delicious fig salad in a gorgeous restaurant in the Tuscany region.

I recreated this fig salad recipe for our EatClean30 series and we make it at home now, especially when figs are ripe. It’s best in June and again in August through October. I’ve started making it for a quick lunch on busy days or as a healthy side to salmon or chicken on activity filled nights.

It was created to focus on whole body health, designed using principles from the healthiest communities around the world.

The Details

I promise, this fig salad recipe will save you so much time and will be a crowd-pleaser. In truth, I wasn’t sure if my Kindergartener would like figs. I’m not overly excited about making multiple dinners, and we want him to grow up eating real food (and if you’re here, you probably feel the same). So, we have always encouraged him to try the food we eat and skip it if he doesn’t like it. The key is to use ripe figs- you can even roast or grill them to intensify the sweetness. He’s growing a fig tree outside in a container.  We’ll see! I’ll keep you updated on his progress.

The Ingredients

2 cups of arugula

4 figs, split (roasted optional)

1/4 c walnuts

1 tea fgbp

2 tbs lemon dressing

The Method

This fig salad recipe is just about as easy as it gets. Toss the arugula with the EC30 homemade lemon dressing, layer on figs, walnuts and fgbp. That’s it! Serve as a lunch salad or with slow-roasted citrus salmon, grilled chicken or falafel chickpeas.

The Substitutes

There are so many possibilities for this simple fig salad recipe. You can literally mix in anything you want, but here are a few substitutions. 

  • Arugula- spinach or kale
  • Walnuts- almonds or pine nuts
  • Lemon dressing- any vinegar based dressing (but keep the sugar low)

 If you are following the EC30 guidelines, make sure to stick to The Lists for inspo.

Meal Prep Tips

Honestly, it really doesn’t get much easier, but there are few things you can do to speed things up.


  • Keep all of your ingredients in separate containers in the fridge, so you can quickly throw them together.
  • If you are adding protein, make it a day in advance so it’s ready to use for lunch.
  • Roasted figs are best used warm, but wash and cut them in advance to shave some minutes off of your cook time. I prep veggies and fruit 2 times per week. Throw some sliced figs into the meal prep mix if you’re planning to make this fig salad recipe this week.

Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.

Our team of trained nutritionists created EC30 recipes based on research from the healthiest population across the globe to nourish your body and promote health and longevity.

They are science-backed and meant to be used by you as inspo for a clean, inspired life.

Change them up however you like and share with us on Instagram. We love seeing what you make- tag us and we will reshare!

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