Season 3, Episode 2

Dr. Lisa Davis

Healthy Habits for YOUR Weight Management Journey

Millions of people across the world struggle with weight management. The statistics around obesity and weight gain are staggering, especially right now. 47% of women and 55% of men reported weight gain at the start of lock down. The number of states reporting obesity at 35% or higher doubled at the beginning of the pandemic. Now, our wellness routines look very different than they did before this started.

Much of the difficulty in weight management for everyone is rooted in psychology – our mindset, our habits, and body positivity. Research has shown that getting our mindset right is one of the most significant factors in long-term implementation and maintenance of healthy habits. A positive mindset leads to improved adoption and adherence of microshifts in our daily life that dramatically impact weight.

Microshifts in our daily routine improve factors like sleep, mood and stress that have a cyclic effect on our weight management journey. These gentle nudges reduce the risk of chronic disease and complications from conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. New evidence now shows that we can even age in reverse with these simple behavior changes. When you successfully establish routines that work for you rather than against you, the nuances of utilizing macro and micronutrition alongside exercise and stress management seem much more attainable.

Dr. Lisa Davis is a Hopkins trained nutritionist in the field of obesity neuroscience. She’s an internationally recognized expert in weight management whose work has reached millions across the world including celebrities and high-profile executives. She’s a certified nutrition specialist and physician’s assistant with extensive experience in clinical medicine and research, focusing on obesity and obesity related comorbidities. She has served as the Vice President of Scientific and Clinical Affairs at MediFast, Chief Nutrition Officer at Terra’s Kitchen, and consultant for many nutrition-based startups. 

Lisa is here today to bring YOU expert knowledge from her incredibly successful nutrition career so that you can begin to understand the psychology of behavior change AND how small, healthy habits can lead to success on your weight management journey.


Building Healthy Habits for Weight Management

“Our gut is responsible for all that signaling back to the brain about our appetite, our level of fullness, our satiety. It’s also responsible for our metabolism…”

Dr. Lisa Davis

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