Season 3, Episode 4

Dr. Darya Rose

The Psychology + Neuroscience of Seasonal Eating

Sleep, nutrition and exercise all have one fundamental factor in common. Psychology. Most people spend their lives believing that time, money, access or knowledge prevents them from achieving their wellness goals. And there is no question that these obstacles are barriers to success for some. But for the majority, those obstacles are not the REAL reason they do not achieve success.

Dr. Darya Rose is a UCSF trained neuroscientist, author of the book, Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight without Dieting, host of The Darya Rose Show and creator of the award-winning blog, Summer Tomato, one of Times 50 best websites.

Darya has spent her career learning the art of seasonal eating and studying healthy habit development, rooted in the psychology of behavior change and neuroscience. And she’s here today to give YOU tips that will help you build healthy habits, lose weight and feel better without dieting.

Dr. Darya Rose

Healthy Seasonal Eating Warrior Neuroscientist, Mother & Author

“Feeding your body the fuel it needs from all the different plants…we were designed to forage…what I can tell you is that you feel it.”

-Dr. Darya Rose

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