Season 3, Episode 8

Doug Evans | Sprouts

The Healthiest Food on the Planet

Since the industrial revolution, western diets have catalyzed a new kind of malnutrition; one that is calorie dense, but devoid of essential nutrients. And with that, we’ve seen a rise in chronic disease across nations. Research has demonstrated that populations who consume a diverse, plant-based diet (not necessarily vegan or vegetarian) are among those that live the longest, healthiest lives. A thriving microbiome plays a critical role in health outcomes and is supported by a robust nutrient profile, which includes vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients only found in unprocessed or thoughtfully processed plants. Scientists have discovered one of the most nutrient dense plants on the planet: SPROUTS. This nutritional power house offers substantial support to the microbiome and nearly every system in the body. And harvesting sprouts is a low cost, quick return approach to consuming a diverse plant-based diet – a diet, we now know, is central to longevity outcomes.

Doug Evans, a California-based sprouting expert, is an early pioneer in the food industry. He co-founded Organic Avenue, one of the first exclusively raw, organic and plant-based retail chains in the country. He later founded Juicero, the first fresh, farm to glass automatic cold-press juicer, with the mission of bringing more fresh produce to the home. Doug is changing how we think about nutritious foods and is dedicated to helping others learn how to eat well. His passion for plant-based foods has given rise to a gardening revolution and a new endeavor to help others grow their own food right in the kitchen in an affordable and accessible way. 

Doug is on a mission to help you learn how to grow and eat the most nutritious food on the planet, sprouts. And he’s here today to chat with YOU about his new book, The Sprout Book and the power of sprouts. Listen as Doug teaches you about the benefits of sprouting at home and includes a transformative plan for sprouting, so he can come alongside you in your journey to clean, affordable nutrition.

The Sprout Guide

The Healthiest Food on the Planet

“It’s amazing that you could achieve every single benefit of the whole food, plant-based diet from eating sprouts.”

– Doug Evans

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