Season 2, Episode 10

Colleen Wachob

Wellness Warrior, Mother & MindBodyGreen coCEO

Colleen Wachob, coFounder and coCEO of MindBodyGreen, connector of soul and science, and wellness warrior, takes us through her life in pursuit of wellness. We chat wellness integration as a successful entrepreneur, mother and wife and her journey while building the MindBodyGreen community alongside her husband and cofounder, Jason Wachob.

At MBG, they believe that the soul and science are intimately linked to health outcomes. Colleen is here today to tell you the story behind their work that is shaping a new wave of self love, self awareness and self advocacy. We chat her early corportate career, gut health at the center of overall welness, her pregnancy journey and moetherhood, and how she integrates wellness principles into her daily life.  She shares the fundamentals of sleep, movement, nutrition, mental health, and social connections, as she and Jason lead the revolution of self optimization through a life in wellness.

Colleen Wachob

Wellness Warrior, Mother & MindBodyGreen CEO

“Ultimately, the foundation of your gut is your second brain…is a principle everyone should remember. If something is unwell. If you’re just not feeling great. The microbiome and your gut health is a good place to start looking.”

cofounder & coCEO MindBodyGreen

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