Season 3, Episode 7

Carson Meyer | Pregnancy Doula

Growing Together & the Business of Birthing

Maternal health dramatically affects outcomes for both the mother and the child. Research has demonstrated that those factors are significantly associated with outcomes across the lifespan. Women who are supported during one of the most critical phases of life have better maternal outcomes compared to women without support. And this support has generational effects. Children of mothers who have an appropriate support system have higher cognitive performance and live healthier, longer lives. Yet, our society has been slow to provide adequate maternal support to women during pregnancy. Today we’re exploring how a pregnancy doula can provide the necessary support that will allow mothers and their babies to thrive.

Carson Meyer, a Malibu-based NYU and DONA trained birth doula and actor with leading roles in The Nice Guys, SPF-18 and Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, is paving the way for women during the pandemic by providing virtual birth coaching across the country and safe in person doula support to clients that have included Mandy Moore, Elsa Hosk and Gigi Hadid. Her mother’s birthing experience served as the catalyst for discovering her passion within the birthing community. Now, she’s using her platform to build a community of doulas that are growing together.

Meyer is changing how we think about maternal health and the care team that surrounds the mother. She’s dedicated to supporting parents through a healthy and peaceful pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, in the environment that best suits their needs. Carson is here today to chat with YOU about the benefits of having a doula come alongside you in your birth journey, her clean, motherhood focused skincare line, C and the Moon, and the doula community, Growing Together.

Pregnancy Doula

Growing Together

“It really starts with trusting mothers…I really think that mother’s choices are always right. Whatever that is for the mother.”

– Carson Meyer

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