Season 3, Episode 11

Borders of Humanity

One Family’s Story Sheltering Ukrainian Refugees

Today we’re sharing a special release episode from the war in Ukraine, a war that has taken far too many lives, displaced and orphaned millions, and will lead to food shortages across the world. Even though most Americans view this as a distant war, the effects will likely be felt in unexpected places soon, like our grocery stores, and will force some out of their homes.

Poland, a country that borders Ukraine, continues to have refugees flooding into their country in the millions. And the people of Poland have stood up to the challenge in a way that might serve as a model to other countries. Communities across Poland are opening their homes to help their Ukrainian neighbors. More than 5 million people have been displaced, 1.5 million children are at risk for sex trafficking and food shortages will ripple across the globe in the coming months, directly affecting your wallet.

Amy Browns Taylor is an American citizen living in Poland. Though she and her family moved for her husband’s job, during our chat it became clear to me that Amy’s family was brought to Poland to serve a bigger purpose. She found herself unexpectedly involved in the escalating war between Russia and Ukraine.

Amy’s story highlights the good in a time of war. She’s here today to talk to us about the hard decisions her family had to make to support their international neighbors, human connections that rise out of crisis, and how thousands of others in Poland have opened their doors to the Ukrainian people. Her actions and the actions of many Polish citizens will, I hope, serve as a model for relief efforts, not only in times of war, but in how we respond to all human needs that may arise.

Borders of Humanity

Ukrainian Refugees

“It’s kind of day by day and looking at the needs and then strategically figuring out how to keep supporting the families that we’re already supporting. And so trying to find them jobs to not only help them support themselves but to help support efforts at home and also for them to feel worthy…”

– Amy Browns Taylor

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 Support Efforts in Poland for Ukrainian Refugees

If you would like to contribute to Amy’s GoFundMe page in support of Ukrainian refugees, find the link in our show notes below.

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