Season 2, Episode 1

A Thriving Community

in Your Gut

Dr. Scott Jackson, head of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Microbiome, and pioneer in human microbiome research and the genetic identification of microbes that promote human health and wellness, takes us through his journey of discovery and success in identifying the genetic sequences of the microorganisms – the community in your gut – that are “necessary for our survival.”

I met Scott through a friend and colleague and was inspired by his work.  He’s here today to tell you the story behind his work that is shaping the future of medicine.  Dr. Jackson’s research team is tackling the microbiome, and his findings will improve our knowledge on healthspan to help people across the globe live longer, better. We talk his early career at the FDA, gut health and its impact on your health, how his research continues to drive the development of many foods you eat, from yogurt and fermented foods to probiotics, and the data from the NIH Human Microbiome Project that convinced the experts on the importance of the microbiome for human health and wellness.


A Thriving Community in Your Gut

“They are not just hanging out with us. They are necessary for our survival.”

Dr. Scott Jackson

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