Cooking a Thanksgiving meal doesn’t need to be complicated. Complement your turkey or roast with these super-simple-and-delicious sides—with absolutely no processed ingredients!

For the best combination of easy, yummy and healthy in holiday side-dish recipes, look no further. Lisa Leake, who writes the popular food blog 100 Days of Real Food, has now given us the cookbook 100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous. And we thank her, because not only are all of her mouth-watering recipes processed-food-free, they’re also truly doable for time-strapped working moms. The four recipes you’ll find here are just right for a very happy Thanksgiving meal. You’ll thank us—and Lisa! Click recipe title for details.


Leading your family to better health starts with cleaner and simpler recipes. Here’s our favorite side dishes to make for your Thanksgiving dinner, rich in nutrients and flavor!

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Apple Juice

Lindsey Rose Johnson

Cooking Brussels sprouts on the stove with some lovely bacon and then finishing them off with some sweet apple juice hits the spot.

Simple Skillet Cornbread

Thanksgiving Healthy DIshes
Lindsey Rose Johnson

This skillet cornbread is super easy to make. Crumble it up to make stuffing, or serve it on the side.

Simple Green Beans with Almonds

Lindsey Rose Johnson

Green bean dishes are holiday favorites. This one is so tasty yet so easy, you’ll make it all the time (and the kids’ll always eat their beans 🙂 .

Cinnamon-Glazed Bananas

Thanksgiving Healthy DIshes
Lindsey Rose Johnson

This dessert is similar to Bananas Foster, but oh-so simple to make. Such a tasty real-food treat—with or instead of pumpkin pie.

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Vitamin & Me: Thanksgiving Made Easy + Healthy

We are especially grateful this holiday season for good health and the ability to provide nutrition for our families. These recipes are full-proof, effortless and easy ways to up the flavor while handling all of the havoc the holidays may bring.

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